Tom McLaughlin

Tom is a full stack web developer with a background in aerospace engineering.

Always excited to learn new technologies, Tom enrolled in an intensive six-month long boot camp teaching the design and building of web applications.

Comfortable working in teams and independently, Tom has experience using HTML5, CSS/Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, Express, MySQL, and MongoDB.

Now scroll down to see some of the applications he's built.

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Small Business Website
HTML5, CSS/Bootstrap, jQuery, API Calls, Firebase

massge website link

Weights Work!
MySQL, Sequelize, Node, Express

weightswork link

News Scraper
Node, Express, MongoDB

newscrape link

Foster That Kitten
Node, Express, MongoDB

foster kitten link

Trivia Game
HTML5, CSS/Bootstrap, jQuery

trivia game link

Friend Finder
Node, Express, Modals

friendfinder link

Gif Retrieval
Performs Ajax Calls to

giphy-ajax link

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